Kayak Pakistan
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Welcome to Kayak Pakistan,

In summer 2012, we spent six weeks kayaking the rivers of northern Pakistan. We hoped that our trip might help change perceptions of Pakistan and encourage others to consider the area as a viable kayaking destination. We also hoped to find some incredible whitewater. We did.

We contributed our footage from Pakistan to a kayaking video called HIGH, which is available here. We're collecting money for a Pakistani women's charity, the Women's Association for Advancement (WAFA). They aim to improve the lives of women in Pakistan. You can find out more about WAFA here. If you'd like to donate and help a fantastic charity, you can donate here.

This website will continue to stand as a source of information for those who are considering a kayaking trip to Pakistan. The more trips take place, the better a resource it will become.

Have fun out there!

Joe, James and Chris